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PERFORMANCE is a fully integrated health and wellness brand.

Our core may be musculoskeletal health but our approach is holistic. We have pulled together a team of health and fitness professionals to help you to all levels, whether that means recovering from an injury or surgery, losing weight, improving fitness or just living better.

Our mission, empowering people to live better, means educating the patient/client on the balance between exercise, stress, sleep and nutrition. Our team will evaluate your condition and design a custom program for you!

Everyone is different and our professionals are skilled at designing a program to help you achieve your goals.


Physical Therapy

As musculoskeletal experts, our therapists are medically trained specialists who zero in on the core of your problem to ensure the best possible results.

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No matter where you are, our team is available to connect with you and help you consistently work toward your goals.

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Sports Medicine

Our team of highly trained athletic trainers and physical therapists evaluate and treat injuries that occur during sports and exercise-related activity.

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Our certified reformer and mat Pilates instructors are an integral part of helping our clients achieve a healthy, balanced and injury-free lifestyle.

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At PERFORMANCE, our certified training staff has expertise in human physiology and the medical skills necessary to create effective and safe fitness programs.

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Our therapeutic approach goes beyond the typical massage to deliver lasting relief and results. Our therapists focus on getting to the real core of your problem.

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Recovery is an important piece of Optimizing one's health. Whether cold, heat or compression therapies, our specialists will educate and guide ...

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Whether it's boosting energy, losing weight or decreasing inflammation, our focus is on providing nutritional advice based on your health and wellness goals.

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