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Sports Specific Training
Sports Specific Training

Sport Specific Training

Sport specific training is designed to enhance overall performance, improve areas of weakness and reduce potential risk of injury. Each exercise is aimed at simulating a movement with the intention of it transferring to the playing field. Sports training also includes conditioning drills to prepare the athlete for the physiological demands of competition.

HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT Sports Specific Training?


Do you only train in the clinic?


No, we bring athletes to local turf fields or courts to put them through a series of fitness drills to prepare them for their sport.

Will sports specific training further fatigue the athlete?


No, our skilled strength and conditioning coaches work closely with the athlete’s game or practice schedule to ensure they aren't overtraining or physically fatigued before competition. At Performance, we know that proper recovery is just as important as training, therefore, we will create a balanced program for each athlete.