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Small Group Classes
Small Group Classes

All small group classes are now being offered on-site at select locations and via telehealth. Click here to see a full schedule of our current small group classes.

Group Fitness

Our group classes consist of 4 to 6 clients, and programming is predetermined based on the theme and goal of the class.

This is what you might see in your “Big Box” health clubs, but the main difference at PERFORMANCE is the class size is limited to 6 individuals. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or Functional Strength classes are an example of a group class.

Everyone does the same exercises regardless of their ability or physical limitations. Modifications to keep clients safely exercising are always encouraged.


These small group classes are uniquely designed for clients (age 50 and above) who are looking to improve balance, gain strength, increase flexibility and have fun. Classes are run by our certified personal trainers and scheduled multiple times per week for convenience. We offer basic, intermediate and advanced classes.

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