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Golf Training

Golf Fitness and Training

Our golf programs are created and executed by Physical Therapists certified through the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI).

Our tailored approach includes a detailed musculoskeletal assessment of how your body is moving both on and off the course, curation of a program that fits your individual needs and goals, and an arena to put practice into play all year round.


The TPI Golf evaluation is performed by our TPI Certified Physical Therapists and serves as an in-depth analysis of how your body is moving with relation to golf biomechanics.

Our TPI specialists use golf-specific movement screens to identify restricted areas of the body and compensations commonly associated with injury and sub-par performance. The assessment provides biomechanical analysis of the individual’s swing with real time quantitative performance data through Trackman technology.

Our TPI professionals synthesize the data and provide a comprehensive report to the individual that serves as a baseline for creating a custom training program based on the golfer’s goals.


Golf training programs can be done either 1-on-1 with our TPI Certified professionals at our facilities or on your own.

The program provides an individualized strengthening and mobility program tailor made to address deficits and movement compensations identified in the evaluation.

Programming is based on player specific goals; power training for more distance, mobility for less pain and quicker recovery. Our professionals promote a collaborative team approach between player, teaching professional and others involved in the optimization of the golfer’s performance.


Practice makes permanent, especially in the off-season. Our golf specialists at PERFORMANCE leverage the best technology and software available to help golfers improve their game.

With our indoor practice bay with Trackman Technology, we help golfers translate real-time data into actionable information, based on their evaluation and current golf-training program.


Our facility in New Canaan serves as a great location to host an off-site business meeting or team-building meeting around golf. Please contact us about booking or hosting an event.



What is the Performance Golf Evaluation?


It is a golf specific evaluation and training program which includes a foundational movement screen and biomechanical analysis of the players swing. Based on results of the evaluation and player specific goals a strengthening and mobility-based training program is developed.

Will you be making changes to my swing?


We work with PGA teaching professionals who will be the one who will assess swing changes. Our team of therapists and trainers will help you to move better and control your swing more effectively. Your teaching pro will Develop a swing specific to you.

What is Trackman Technology?


Train like Professionals Golfers train!! Trackman technology will provide you with quantitative data on your swing such as club head speed, swing path, face angle and much more, which can be interpreted to make instantaneous changes. 

How do I book a Trackman Training session or Golf Simulator Session?


You can either call into the office 203-228-5010 or download the Performance Physical Therapy and Wellness App on your smart phone and book a session right in the App.

What if I don't know how to use Trackman or what all the numbers mean?


When you book your first simulator session a Trackman trained employee will be with you to review everything you will need to know.