At Performance, our certified training professionals have deep expertise in human physiology and the medical skills necessary to create highly effective and safe training programs. In addition, our unique programs take into account the specific health needs of every client — from young athletes and active adults, to older clients and patients with specific medical conditions.

    Programs are custom designed to deliver lasting results that you only get when training with a fitness and wellness professional. One-on-one training also helps promote accountability and motivation to achieve specific goals.

    Benefits include:
    - structured for personal goals
    - tailored to strengthen & support target areas
    - integrated health & wellness coaching

    Supervised by our Titleist Performance Institute-certified professionals, our golf training programs are designed to maximize your performance on the course. Created in two (2) one-hour sessions, designed to assess your functional movement and swing. We develop a program tailor-made to enhance your game. Our Trackman Golf Simulator & Practice Bay, now located in our New Canaan office, is officially open for business. Whether you're playing on a simulation of some of the best courses in the world, or utilizing the state of the art dual radar technology to analyze your data, the Trackman Golf Simulator is designed to translate real-time data into actionable information. Play a round or two with friends, or connect with one of our preferred golf professionals for a lesson designed to take your game to the next level. For more information on our Trackman Golf Simulator and to book a session, download our Performance app and find a time that's convenient for you.

    Kinstretch is a movement practice that develops strength, flexibility and increases usable ranges of motion. What makes KINSTRETCH different from a “touch your toes” type stretching is that you’ll learn how to build strength in your joints by using your body’s own tension. This combination of strength and flexibility drives increased mobility. Highly encouraged for athletes looking for increased range of motion during high intensity sports i.e., football, hockey, lacrosse etc. Regular group classes available.

    These small group classes are uniquely designed for clients (age 50+) who are looking to improve balance, gain strength, increase flexibility, and have fun. Classes are run by our certified personal trainers and scheduled multiple times per week for convenience. Both Intro & Advanced classes are available.

    Functional Training is designed to resemble movements and activities associated with daily life. Our trainers customize each exercise based on the individual or group goals, providing a results-driven workout that is both challenging, varied and fun.

    Benefits include:
    - increased stability & balance
    - increased strength
    - decreased risk of injury
    - relieve stress
    - restore posture
    - burn fat

    Sport specific training is designed to enhance overall performance, improve areas of weakness and reduce potential risk of injury. Each exercise is aimed at simulating a movement with the intention of it transferring to the playing field.

    Benefits include:
    - increased speed
    - increased strength
    - increased mobility/flexibility
    - improved coordination
    - gaining a competitive edge
    - improved body awareness
    - improved endurance and quicker recovery from training and competition

    Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is an accurate, non-invasive measure of the Nervous System – which responds to everything: how clients exercise, recover, eat, sleep and perceive stress. This powerful biomarker is an indicator of your broader health and fitness level that allows people to better understand their bodies. Together with their trainer, clients learn how to track their daily HRV level, understand their normal patterns and adjust behaviors to positively affect optimal performance.