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Concussion Management

At PERFORMANCE, we provide an evidence-based and collaborative approach to the management of concussions. A concussion can be a scary injury for an individual or for a parent of a concussed child. With various symptoms and factors that effect a concussion prognosis, a timely and efficient examination and treatment is required in order to acquire optimal outcomes.

Our team of skilled physical therapists and athletic trainers work closely with local physicians and schools to ensure a whole body and well rounded approach. Each concussion is different and specific to the person, and we strive to provide a personalized management strategy tailored to the individual and their needs.

The PERFORMANCE concussion team is here to provide the highest level of evidence-based care to our patients.

  • Baseline and post-injury ImPact testing
  • Post-concussion screening and examination
  • Collaborative and personalized management
  • Education on concussions and symptoms
  • Referrals to appropriate physicians
  • Manual therapy to the cervical/thoracic spine
  • Visual therapy
  • Vestibular therapy
  • Dual tasking and reaction time training
  • Return to sport testing



Is the Baseline Test really needed?


The Baseline Test provides a view into an athlete’s pre injury state. Although it may not be the perfect test, it is currently the gold standard. Having a piece of data pre and post injury can assist your physician in the difficult return to play decision.

Does Performance offer Baseline ImPact Testing for any athlete?


Yes. We offer it at a $25.00 fee but check with your local youth sports organization to see if they have a contract with Performance. We do contract with several youth sports organizations which pick up the cost for your athlete.

How long does the test take?


You should expect to be at Performance about 30 minutes?

Is there an age restriction on testing?


The test is valid for any child over the age of 8, although the test is slightly different for those over 11 years of age.

If my child has been diagnosed with a concussion, can he go back to sport immediately when he is symptom free?


Return to sports progression can be tricky. There should be a graded exposure back to sport based on heart rate, environment and symptom reproduction. Performance can assist you and your doctor in this progression to make best educated return to sport recommendation.

Should my child refrain from all exercise once diagnosed?


New research has shown that some level of light exercise may be helpful in recovery. Ask our concussion specialists about this new data.

My child had a Baseline test last year. Do they need another?


The test is valid for 2 years from date of test.