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Annual Exam
Annual Exam

Annual Exams

We are all used to the standard annual exam from our primary care physician. This is usually a quick in and out visit where the doctor touches on height, weight, past years medical issues, performs a standard blood panel and may discuss your activity levels, concluding with recommendations for the year.

At PERFORMANCE, we take a different approach to complement the standard primary care annual exam. Our approach focuses on your musculoskeletal (MSK) system. This is your muscles, bones, joints and tendons. How you move, how often you move . . . quality and quantity are both assessed. Our team are specialists in movement from our board-certified orthopedic and sports physical therapists, to our strength and conditioning specialists or Pilates instructors. We are human performance experts.

We start with a review of past medical history and a review of post orthopedic injuries that may still be hindering you. Then we move on to a comprehensive movement analysis. In addition to your MSK system assessment, we also dig into your body’s systems, and who you are. How much sleep do you get and what is the quality of that sleep? What does your daily nutrition and hydration look like? How does sleep play into your overall health? What is your cardiovascular fitness level? All these things are assessed and discussed with the client to determine where they are today and how to develop a plan that aligns with goals one has for their future. We huddle with you and others involved in keeping you healthy.

Now that is a comprehensive approach to an annual exam! The PERFORMANCE annual exam.



Am I appropriate for an annual exam if I don’t have an injury?


Absolutely. It is recommended that everyone have an annual exam focusing on how they move and how they live.

What are the next steps after my annual exam?


Based on the findings of your comprehensive exam, recommendations are made to put you on the path to optimal health. Performance is all about – Empowering People To Live Better. It could be as simple as keep doing what you’re doing, or the exam could reveal an orthopedic injury that may need to be referred on to the appropriate specialists. Our team huddles within our team but also with other healthcare practitioners to make sure you receive the best care.

Is the annual exam covered by insurance?


Because the exam is performed by a licensed physical therapist, the annual exam can be billed to your insurance. Our insurance department will verify your benefits to determine your financial responsibility prior to your exam.

Do I have to be a previous patient to schedule an exam?


No. Whether you are a previous patient, a friend of a previous patient or completely new to Performance, you are welcome to experience the Performance Annual Exam.