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Active Release Therapy (ART)
Active Release Therapy (ART)

Soft Tissue Treatment

Active Release Therapy (ART) is a manual-based technique utilized by professionals to diagnose and treat soft tissue injuries created by scar tissue. ART works by breaking up adhesions, which are dense areas of scar tissue that alter normal movement patterns. Scar tissue binds between the different layers of tissue causing pain, stiffness and loss of mobility. The manipulation of soft tissues results in nerves, muscles, and joints moving freely to allow for normal movement and function. These adhesions may result from acute injury or as a result of overload because of repetitive use. ART is designed to restore free and unimpeded motion of all soft tissues, to release entrapped nerves, vasculature and lymphatic, and to re-establish resilience and function of soft tissue structures.

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What are the benefits of Active Release Therapy?


Decreased pain, improved range of motion, increased flexibility, increased muscle strength, optimized function.

What types of tissues are most appropriate to be treated by ART?


ART can be used to treat symptoms in muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves.

Does the soft tissue mobilization performed during ART cause pain?


ART is directed at the adhesions, which creates pain and dysfunction. These areas are typically sensitive and with manual tension, some discomfort may be felt. Pressure is never applied beyond the patient’s tolerance.

Who can benefit from ART?


Anyone who is in pain due to a soft tissue injury can benefit from this form of manual therapy. ART is used in a clinical setting on athletes, office workers, laborers as well as many others. The common finding in all these people is altered movement patterns, but their mechanism or cause is different.

How does ART improve performance?


Performance of any task such as golfing, throwing, running, walking or typing can be significantly improved with ART. This is accomplished by restoring proper muscle function and movement to allow the body to perform at its most efficient level. Adhesions create stiffness and tension, which requires more energy and effort to accomplish a desired movement or task. By releasing restrictions, this allows the tissues of the body to function at peak levels for your desired activity