As musculoskeletal specialists, our therapists don’t just skim the surface of physical rehabilitation; they’re medically trained experts who zero in on the very core of your problem to ensure you the best possible results.

    Whether you’re recovering from an athletic injury, a surgery or medical procedure, or have any other concern that keeps you from enjoying every day activities, our physical therapists can help get you back doing what you love. Privately owned and independently operated, each physical therapist is hands-on in your recovery process, leveraging the latest research, techniques and equipment. As part of your team, we will huddle with you, your doctors, your coaches, and everyone who needs to be involved to ensure a timely recovery and long-term results.

    Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy is used to treat patients who suffer from vertigo and dizziness often as a result of an injury, a disease, or aging. Other symptoms of vestibular disorders include poor balance, nausea, visual disturbances, headache, hearing loss, tinnitus (ringing in ears), and pain or fullness in the ears. With symptoms frequently misinterpreted, vestibular disorders can be challenging to diagnose. Physical therapists can help evaluate and treat clients with individualized treatment plans including head and neck movements, activities aimed at correcting gaze instability, or in some cases canal repositioning exercises.

    The Schroth Method is a specific physical therapy approach for treating scoliosis. Our Schroth-Certified physical therapists work with clients to customize an exercise plan that helps return the curved spine to a more natural position. Exercises aim to de-rotate, elongate, and stabilize the spine in a three-dimensional plane by restoring muscular symmetry and alignment of posture, breathing into the concave side of the body, and teaching awareness of posture.

    Most commonly used in conjunction with a comprehensive evaluation and other complementing treatments, dry needling is a manual technique aimed at decreasing muscle tension caused by trigger points. The technique involves the use of a fine needle to release trigger points creating pain and dysfunction. This technique can be used successfully for many conditions including:

    · Neck pain
    · Back pain
    · Hip pain
    · Knee pain
    · Sciatica
    · Tendinitis
    · Muscle strains
    · Muscle spasms
    · Tennis & Golfers elbow
    · Headaches

    Often used by professional athletes, A.R.T. is a patented technique that uses hands on release of trigger points combined with active motion, in order to treat pain in your tendons, muscles, and other connective tissue.

    Blood flow restriction therapy involves temporarily decreasing blood flow to working muscles in order to promote improvements in muscle strength and size. This method of strength training has been studied extensively in the peer-reviewed literature and our experts utilize clinically supported protocols to achieve the best results.

    The AlterG is an anti-gravity treadmill that utilizes NASA-designed technology to create the sensation of “running on a cloud.” Commonly used in treatment for spinal and lower extremity injuries, clients can reach the same intensity of a workout without the stress of their full body weight or pounding the pavement.