Massage Therapies

Massage therapy is an effective, soft tissue technique that promotes healing, stress reduction, improved circulation and muscle release.


Sports massage is designed for athletes of all levels including the elite, youth, collegiate or weekend warrior. Sports massage focuses on the . . .

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Medical massage is aimed at addressing specific injuries and medical conditions. From clients suffering from back pain to athletes suffering from . . .

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Wellness massage is a holistic treatment where the focus is on relaxing muscle tissue and supporting the body’s natural healing process . . .

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At Performance, our massage therapists can work directly with your therapist or trainer to provide a customized session based on your medical history and overall health goals, or customize your sessions based on a detailed history and your own individual goals.

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How often should I receive massage?


The frequency of massage varies depending on the client’s needs and goals. A massage therapist may prescribe massage as a weekly session or less frequently. With acute issues or injuries, massage may be prescribed more often and then less frequency for maintenance.

Do I need a release from my physician or my physical therapist for medical massage?


No, but it is best practice to consult with your physician or physical therapist when incorporating massage as a treatment modality. At Performance, our goal is to point you in the right direction based on the needs of your body after a comprehensive examination.

What should I expect from my massage session?


During your first session at Performance, our providers will take a detailed history regarding any past or current injuries, medications, current lifestyle, sleep quality, diet and exercise frequency. Based on your goals and any contraindications indicated, the massage therapist will conduct your session accordingly. Afterwards, the massage therapist will review their findings, recommendations for continued care and with the client’s permission, correspond with any healthcare providers on the details of the massage and recommendations.

Do I have to be completely undressed?


The client should undress to the level they feel most comfortable. It is typical for a client to undress the areas of which are the main focus of the massage, for example, removing ones shirt if the upper back is the area of focus. Leaving undergarments on are OK, as long as they allow exposure to the affected area. Our massage therapists will always answer any questions before the massage begins, to further guide the client.

Will massage hurt?


The goal of massage is not to inflict any pain levels that are intolerable for the client. However, clients often times develop knots, contractures, or trigger points that require stronger bodywork and may cause discomfort. The massage therapist is trained to communicate with the client on acceptable levels of pressure and will back off if the pressure becomes too great or uncomfortable.

Does sports massage help with lactic acid build up?


Yes. During strenuous anaerobic exercise, the levels of lactic acid can rise to high levels, causing fatigue, decreased blood flow to the area and create elevated levels of soreness. Sports massage promotes recovery to these affected areas by flushing the lactic acid build up and aiding in circulation of re-oxygenated blood.

Should I get a sports massage before or after heavy work outs or competition?


Sports massage can benefit the athlete both before a competition or work out as well as after. It is recommended to get input from your therapist or trainer/coach to determine the optimal timing for sports massage based on your training and competition schedule.

What are the benefits of sports massage?


Some of the most exciting benefits of Sports Massage are: enhanced athletic performance, faster workout recovery, fewer injuries and faster recovery from injury, restored flexibility and range of motion, removal of lactic acid buildup, extending the overall life of your athletic career, reducing feelings of stress, and maintaining the body in better condition.

Do you provide at-home massages?


Yes! We can send an experienced massage therapist right to your home.