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Our Team is here to help you down your path toward Optimal Health.

Our mission, core values and integrated service lines speak to why PERFORMANCE is the place to choose if you value your health and want a partner to help educate, guide and support you on your journey toward Optimal Health.



Our team of professionals is here to educate, guide and support our patients and clients through their health and fitness challenges. We become part of your team on your journey to live better, whatever that may mean to you: have less pain, lose weight, be more active, look better, run a marathon, sleep better, be able to play with your grandchildren or win championships. You share with us your definition of what living better means and we will help you achieve that goal. That is our mission!

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Our values are at the core of everything we do at PERFORMANCE, from the hiring of our employees to developing and supporting them. They are also at the core of everything we do for our patients and clients. We demonstrate adherence to our core values, as our patients notice in their treatment. Clients often tell us how happy they are with their experience at PERFORMANCE and ask, how do we do it? The only way we can fully articulate everything that goes into providing that experience is by sharing with them our core values and know that we live by these values, thereby providing an exceptional client experience.

  • We Care from the Core
  • We Sweat the Small Stuff
  • We are Teachers and Scholars
  • We take Ownership
  • We Huddle


Our team and our service offerings have evolved over time and will continue to evolve based on the ever-changing health and fitness needs of our clients. Our services now include: physical therapy, athletic training, personal training, Pilates, nutrition counseling, massage therapy and health coaching.

It is this full integration that leads to quality outcomes and Optimal Health for our patients and clients. It isn’t just one provider or one service that leads to a quality outcome for clients. Just like any great sports team, it is never one player or one play that leads to victory. At PERFORMANCE, we believe that our patients and clients “win” when our team works together and uses their skills and resources to formulate a plan that will result in the client achieving their health goal.

We huddle, we take ownership, we care from the core . . . We stand by our core values as a fully integrated team. As a team, we empower people to live better!


We're on the sidelines with coaches, cheering families on at races, and educating and recruiting with doctors and universities we trust. It's in our backyard and it's personal.

PERFORMANCE is proud to have longstanding relationships with many of the top universities, orthopedic practices and reputable healthcare partners in New York and Connecticut.